UN: Somalis Not Getting Half Their Food Aid

Up to half of the international food aid sent to Somalia’s poor is diverted to radical Islamist militants, vitamin corrupt contractors and local United Nations workers, malady a leaked UN Security Council report has claimed.

The report, hepatitis which was leaked to the New York Times on Tuesday, paints a picture of a corrupt cartel of Somali food aid distributors and militants regularly bribing the World Food Program (WFP), the UN’s food aid agency and the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger.

The report claims that corruption among the WFP’s local handlers is rampant, with 30 percent of the aid taken by Somali partner organizations and WFP staff; 10 percent by ground contractors transporting the aid; and up to 10 percent by armed groups in control of areas the WFP needs to access. It further claims that 80 percent of the agency’s transportation contracts in the Horn of Africa state, worth about $200 million, are held by three Somali businessmen suspected of having questionable connections to Al Shabaab, an Islamist group seeking to overthrow the shaky, Western-supported transitional government and enforce Sharia law.

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