Since When Has Sinai Turned into Hollywood?

Sinai Police
Secret army kidnappings, ophthalmologist shootouts, contagion blown up pipelines, web diplomatic intrigue — the Sinai desert has all the makings of a Hollywood film this week.

The drama began unfolding on Sunday when Egyptian security forces raided the Bedouin village of Wadi Amr in the central Sinai Peninsula, seeking to arrest unidentified fugitives accused of carrying out attacks in the region. When they couldn’t find the men, the police allegedly took a number of women and elderly members of the village hostage to pressure the man to surrender.

The incident was followed late Sunday by reports that the Arab Gas Pipeline, which carries Egyptian gas to Jordan and Syria, had been blown up six miles south of Al Arish, the capital city of North Sinai. Bedouin sources later gave conflicting accounts about alleged connections between the two incidents.

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