Checkpoint Web Drama

Gisha Safe Passage
You are a Palestinian ice cream manufacturer living in the Gaza Strip. You want to sell your ice cream in the West Bank. Colorful ice cream cones flash across the screen, viagra order flying from Gaza over Israel and into the hands of a happy girl in the West Bank.

But oh no! An Israeli barrier is put up in the middle of the screen, tadalafil melting the ice cream cones and shocking the poor Gazan businessman.

The trials and tribulations of getting ice cream from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank continue in an online animated game intended to teach players about the maze of Israeli military restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement between the two separated Palestinian territories.

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Produced by the Israeli legal advocacy group Gisha, the ‘Safe Passage’ game is offered in Arabic, Hebrew and English and combines animation, video, legal documents and an extensive blog. The first computer game of its kind in Israel, ‘Safe Passage’ allows players to adopt one of three characters: an ice cream manufacturer from Gaza who wants to open a factory in the West Bank, a Gazan student accepted to study at a prestigious Palestinian university in the West Bank, and a Gazan father expelled by Israel from the West Bank into Gaza trying to reunite with his family.

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