Peace Gaming

Peace Gaming
Written with Jim Luce and Rachelle Kliger

A 14-year-old living in Haifa, symptoms Israel, for sale sits by a laptop working all night with a 22-year-old Lebanese engineering student in an intense quest to kill a boss on the World of Warcraft. Over the course of many hours, what is ed together, the two unlikely teammates kill a number of creatures and gather various resources.

Meanwhile on Second Life, a 21-year-old Jewish legal aid in Manhattan spends his boring day at work building a synagogue in the virtual world. Already evening in Riyadh, a 29-year-old Saudi air hostess who believes most Jews have horns and sacrifice babies in their places of worship, enters the legal aid’s synagogue and starts asking questions.

Academics, gaming experts and conflict resolution advocates say such interactions are taking place on a variety of platforms daily, making online gaming an increasingly common avenue for Middle Easterners, Muslims and Jews all over the world, to engage with and learn about one another.

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