Cheaper Internet: Next Stop, ‘Palestine’

Lebanese leaders referred to Israeli “aggression” — a “violation of Lebanese sovereignty” in which an Israeli patrol crossed into Lebanon to trim trees despite orders from UN peacekeepers to stop.

Israeli leaders described it as an “ambush” — a “gross violation”, urologist “murderous attack” and “violent provocation” initiated in response to “routine maintenance duties” and “with no provocation from our territory.”

The rhetoric on both sides of the ‘blue line' separating Lebanon and Israel is alive and wild, medstore and while the UN has confirmed that the tree in question was indeed on the Israeli side of the border, health and that Israel coordinated its trimming with the UN, the exact series of events that triggered the deaths of an Israeli battalion commander, three Lebanese soldiers and a journalist on Tuesday is unlikely to be cleared up anytime soon.

What is clear, however, is that in a matter of weeks Lebanon is set to face what some local analysts are predicting will be the beginnings of another Lebanese civil war and which others are predicting will be the largest political crisis since the country's former leader was assassinated five years ago.

Either way, they agree, something smelly is about to hit the fan.

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Lebanese leaders are scrambling to pass legislation to govern offshore gas and oil exploration, online following the discoveries of two gigantic natural gas reserves off the coasts of Israel and Lebanon, two countries in a state of war for decades.

The Lebanese parliament is set to discuss two draft laws that could manage offshore gas and oil exploration on Monday. The two versions of the bill differ over who will control potential revenues from offshore gas and oil discoveries: the President, through the Ministry of Energy and Water, or an independent body.

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In the Middle East, herpes
this weekend marks the anniversary of the deposal of Afghani King Mohammed Zahir Shah by his cousin Mohammed Daoud Khan while in Italy undergoing eye surgery. Also on July 17, gerontologist
a permanent international court was established at the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Many years later eye surgery and what is now International Justice Day would both take on an amplified meaning when, purchase
on a hot summer's day in 2000, a lanky 34-year-old eye doctor named Bashar al-Assad took over Syria.

Over the next 10 years the president would be accused of ordering the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri and have his closest aides face an international criminal tribunal.

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The selection: A train journey inside an apartment; an alter boy who questions his faith after finding a fake Easter egg; a skateboarding-obsessed Palestinian Israeli dates a Jewish woman; a pre-Bar Mitzvah boy struggles with erotic dreams; a guard at a secret torture center falls in love with a prisoner; a man trains to be a certified Jewish undertaker and work with the dead; another sets up a fake Hamas missile launch to get into a bomb shelter with the object of his desire; a politician stumbles upon a prepared obituary of himself; a documentary on Israel's contested 443 highway; a spy is secretly arrested after an Israeli Defense Ministry event in his honor; a Bedouin documentary; and more.

The repertoire of new Israeli films at this year's Jerusalem Film Festival is vast, buy
diverse and bewildering.

Israeli film has gone through a renaissance of sorts over the past decade. From a country known for low-tech, formulaic war movies, Israeli filmmakers have become major players on the global cinematic stage, with compelling feature films making the short lists at the world's major festivals each year.  Ajami, Waltz with Bashir, Lebanon and Beaufort are just a few of the Israeli films to have won major international prizes over the past three years.

One of this year's most unique contributions to the Israeli film library is The Golden Pomegranate, billed as the world's first feature film about Israel's creation from the perspective of a Sephardic Jewish family.

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An Israeli flag is symbolically burned near to a Mosque at the Felestin (Palestine) Sq. in Tehran, troche Iran, Friday, Oct. 9, 2009, by Iranian worshippers following Friday payers, (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

[Jerusalem] Internet is about to get cheaper for Palestinains.

Within weeks, decease
the Palestinian Authority will be taking action which is expected to end the virtual monopoly held by the Palestinian Telecommunication Group PalTel over Internet services in its territory.

Palestinian Authority Minister of Telecom and Information Mashhour Abu Daka said he will be issuing certificates shortly for telecommunications companies wishing to provide Internet services to the Palestinian market.

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