Saudi Men Push for More Wives

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A group of young Saudi men have launched a campaign to convince Saudi men of the unappreciated virtues of polygamy.

It is a response to young Saudi women uninterested in joining a polygamous marriage, information pills
older Saudi women divorcees and Saudi men unable or unwilling to support more than one woman. The campaign seeks to counter what Saudi traditionalists see as an increasingly negative stigma attached to polygamy.

Campaigning under the slogan “Prophet of Four”, more about
a reference to the Islamic edict allowing men to marry up to four wives, pancreatitis
the group calls for every Saudi man to take four wives so as to rid the country of so-called ‘spinsters', a term referring to unmarried Saudi women over the age of 30. Launched at the start of Saudi Arabia's ‘marriage season', the campaign's Facebook page has already garnered a few hundred supporters.

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