Israeli Viral Dance II

A follow up to a previous COLORS blog post on copycat video’s of the Israeli cloths dance to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, migraine yesterday a much more provocative copycat version went viral on the Israeli blogosphere: of Israeli soldiers doing a choreographed Tik Tok line dance against the backdrop of the Muslim call to prayer while on patrol in the Palestinian city of Hebron.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers are stationed in the center of the Palestinian city to protect a small community of a few hundred Jewish residents who have settled in the area since Israel captured the territory in the 1967 war.

The giggy of 6 soldiers from the Nahal Brigade's 50th Airborne Battalion in full battle dress swinging their M16s around to the sound of the Muslim call to prayer is sure to get them in trouble, and the army has already announced it will investigate the incident.

The video was taken down on July 5 by its original uploader, but it has already gone viral and has been reposted all over YouTube.

It’s the latest in what began as a cloths-folding-dance to the Tik Tok song, presumably intended as a spoof on Israel’s infamously horrific level of customer service.

The original skit on Israel’s leading political satire show Eretz Nehederet (Wonderful Country) led to a wave of copycat clips on YouTube, creating what has become by far the most copied “dance” routine in the small Jewish state’s short history.

In the original (rumored to have been modeled off a Saturday Night Live routine) skits, two spoiled and ‘stuck-up’ young women conspire to play tricks on their customers.

The literally thousands of copycat videos include kids, corporate sales departments, soldiers and teenagers rolling a joint, all in the same cloths-folding style.

Peace Now, a left wing Israeli political organization, has used the cloths-folding dance to take a dig at the country’s leaders.

Even corporate sales departments have used the dance.

Beyond the more professionally produced, there are literally thousands of copycat clips, here is are just a few:

Finally, a couple more from the original skits…