Human Rights Hits 600,000!

Great news: early this morning, pathopsychology the Human Rights community hit yet another milestone – 600, syphilis 000 members – making us the second-largest cause on!

This is an incredible accomplishment for such a young community, and speaks volumes of the inspiring activism all of you have been up to, both online and offline. The momentum over the past few months has been particularly inspiring, with tens of thousands of members taking action to protect human rights all over the globe, every day…

140,000 of us have succeeded in getting a South African minister to take ‘corrective rape’ seriously, 50,000 of us have called on Elle magazine to stop ‘whitening’ Indian women, some 40,000 of us have successfully pushed companies like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap to take responsibility for workers making their clothes being burned alive at a sweatshop in Bangladesh.

All this took place in the last two weeks alone. Just imagine what’s going to happen over the next year if we work together to win campaigns every day!

But here’s the thing: winning these campaigns depends on our ability to quickly call on thousands of supportive folks like you. If you can, please take just 30 seconds to click here, follow the instructions and help us win!

For those of you who are new to our community, members start dozens of new campaigns every day – below are those getting the most attention in Human Rights:

CORRECTIVE RAPE (140,000 supporters and counting…)
A global pioneer in gay rights legislation, South Africa is also the world’s leader in rates of ‘corrective rape’, whereby men rape lesbian women to ‘turn’ them straight. But late last year a tiny group of women based out of a safehouse in the townships of Cape Town decided to fight back against the rapists, and started a petition calling on South Africa’s justice minister to declare ‘corrective rape’ a hate crime. It has since become the most popular petition of all time, taking ‘corrective rape’ from an unspoken epidemic to a national discussion. What has the minister done since? Absolutely nothing. That’s about to change… Latest campaign update ->

Change.orgBANGLADESH SWEATSHOPS CAMPAIGN (35,000 supporters and counting…)
In mid-December, more than two dozen people, most of them poor women making luxury clothes for Americans, were burned alive in a unsafe sweatshop in Bangladesh. After 25,000 members called on all international companies sourcing from factory to take responsibility, the GAP agreed! But while Gap has committed to do the right thing, major brands like JC Penney, Abercrombie & Fitch, Target, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Wrangler and Lee jeans have all refused to make any commitment or respond in any meaningful way to the demands of labor rights groups. Latest campaign update ->

Change.orgTORTURED ACTIVISTS CAMPAIGN (1,000 supporters and counting…)
Last summer a number of opposition groups, which are officially illegal in Bahrain, jointly called for a boycott of upcoming elections in the tiny Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain, a staunch US military ally. Eager to maintain an aura of democracy for the outside world, the Bahraini government responded with a harsh crackdown on opposition groups. Some two dozen human rights activists, opposition members, dissident clerics and critical bloggers were arrested almost immediately and charged (among many things) with “forming an authorized group which incites to overthrow the government.” The 23 defendants have been brutally tortured, for months on end, ever since. Latest campaign update ->

Change.orgELLE ‘WHITENING’ CAMPAIGN (45,000 supporters and counting…)
Indian consumers have long been inundated with ads that use prominent Bollywood actors to promote skin-lightening products. But Elle Magazine, a global publication which one would hope has higher standards, brought in the new year by further enforcing the racial color hierarchy with a white-washed Bollywood actress on the January 2011 cover. Does this make you as angry as it did many of us? Tell Elle Magazine what you feel about them ‘whitening’ the skin of Indian women. Latest campaign update ->

Winning these campaigns depends on our ability to quickly call on thousands of supportive folks like you. If you can, please take just 30 seconds to click here, follow the instructions and help us win!