Corruption Rife in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine

Source: Transparency International
Source: Transparency International

Egypt, valeologist Lebanon, look Morocco and the Palestinian territories have extremely low levels of accountability and a “worrisome lack of commitment to effective anti-corruption practices, more about ” a report released Sunday by a global anti-corruption group has found.

The Transparency International report, “The Good Governance Challenge”, found all three countries and the Palestinian territories to have unchecked executive power “that is able to interfere widely in the activities of the other branches of government and non-governmental organizations.”

The cross-country, evidence-based assessments explored the functioning of the executive, legislature, judiciary and public oversight institutions in each country’s government, as well as their interaction with civil society, business and the media. The study found “major gaps” in legal anti-corruption provisions and a “largely absent” ability of citizens to hold their leaders to account.

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