Abused, Exploited and Threatened: Women Making NFL T-Shirts

This Sunday 4 in 5 Americans will sit down on their couch, hop on a bar stool or pop open their laptop to watch the Super Bowl. But 1400 miles away in El Salvador, women are being abused, threatened and exploited as they sew Super Bowl T-Shirts sold for more than 300 times their wages.


Success! All Clothing Brands Associated with Bangladesh Fires Agree to Worker Demands

In mid-December, more than two dozen people either burned, fell or suffocated to death when a preventable preventable fire broke out in an unsafe, multi-story clothing sweatshop in Bangladesh. Today, six weeks after the fire, we are pleased to announce that after 65,000 members from more than 70 countries called on all international companies sourcing from factory to take responsibility, every last one of them have finally pledged to do the right thing.


Egyptian Street Activists Launch Global Campaign

Egypt has been run by a dictator for 30 years. Six days ago, Egyptians said ‘enough’, and millions took to the streets. Over the weekend, as the government allowed phone calls for a few hours, two young pro-democracy activists started an online campaign which is taking off like wildfire. Show your support for Egyptian pro-democracy activists here!


Elle Whitening Campaign Hits 50,000

Indian consumers have long been inundated with ads that use prominent Bollywood actors to promote skin-lightening products. But now tens of thousands of members have told Elle publishers exactly what they think about the whitening of Indian women. This weekend the 50,000th person joined the campaign!


Human Rights Hits 600,000!

The momentum in the Human Rights community has been incredible over the past few months, with 140,000 of us getting a South African minister to take ‘corrective rape’ seriously and some 40,000 of us pushing Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap to do the right thing. Early this morning, the Human Rights community hit a new milestone – 600,000 members – making it our second-largest cause!


Revolution of the Lawyers

Human rights activists have been kicking up a storm ever since the tiny Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain, a staunch US military ally, arrested 23 of their colleagues, brutally tortured them and put them on trial for treason. But a less known story of resistance has come from a more subtle, surprising part of the courtroom: the lawyers.