Victory! Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Resigns

Ten days ago, two young Egyptian activists broke a communications blackout and called us from Cairo’s Liberation Square to launch an international campaign over the phone. Just minutes ago, after a 30 year dictatorship, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned.

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Abused, Exploited and Threatened: Women Making NFL T-Shirts

This Sunday 4 in 5 Americans will sit down on their couch, hop on a bar stool or pop open their laptop to watch the Super Bowl. But 1400 miles away in El Salvador, women are being abused, threatened and exploited as they sew Super Bowl T-Shirts sold for more than 300 times their wages.



Success! All Clothing Brands Associated with Bangladesh Fires Agree to Worker Demands

In mid-December, more than two dozen people either burned, fell or suffocated to death when a preventable preventable fire broke out in an unsafe, multi-story clothing sweatshop in Bangladesh. Today, six weeks after the fire, we are pleased to announce that after 65,000 Change.org members from more than 70 countries called on all international companies sourcing from factory to take responsibility, every last one of them have finally pledged to do the right thing.



Egyptian Street Activists Launch Global Campaign

Egypt has been run by a dictator for 30 years. Six days ago, Egyptians said ‘enough’, and millions took to the streets. Over the weekend, as the government allowed phone calls for a few hours, two young pro-democracy activists started an online campaign which is taking off like wildfire. Show your support for Egyptian pro-democracy activists here!

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Target Responds to Bangladesh Fires Campaign

Yesterday we wrote that two companies – Target and Abercrombie & Fitch – have refused to compensate the families of 28 workers killed in a fire while making their clothes. Last night a senior manager at Target called Change.org. Here’s what she had to say.



Success! South African Minister Agrees to Meet ‘Corrective Rape’ Activists

We got it! After 140,000 people from more than 150 countries called on the justice minister to meet with local activists leading the fight against ‘corrective rape’, the chief of staff has just informed Change.org that the minister will, without question, meet with activists, prosecutors and police to discuss ‘corrective rape’.

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Letter to South African Minister: Follow Up Words with Action

Last week South Africa’s Justice Minister told the world that he is “very deeply concerned” about corrective rape and “there is a process in hand now in order to deal with this particular issue.” Earlier today, we wrote to the minister asking that he follow up his words with action.



Success! Minister Responds to ‘Corrective Rape’ Campaign

We did it again! In the course of just two months, a tiny group of relatively disempowered women fighting rapists from a safehouse in the townships of South Africa have managed to force the minister of justice, one of the country’s most powerful men, to go on record acknowledging ‘corrective rape’, expressing his “very deep concern” about it and responding to their demands.



Victory! Gap Pledges to Do the Right Thing After Bangladesh Factory Fire

One month ago today, 28 workers were burned to death and hundreds more injured at a tragic fire in an unsafe clothing factory in Bangladesh. After 25,000 Change.org members called on all international companies sourcing from factory to take responsibility, the GAP has given in! One down, six more to go…



Israeli Leader’s Guards Force Arab Journalists to Strip

Each year Israel’s prime minister invites high profile international journalists to a cocktail party. But when Arab journalists and their friends showed up for this year’s gala they weren’t exactly welcomed with margaritas. Instead, they were forced to take off their bras or strip.



China’s First Ever ‘Twitter Prisoner’ Left Out to Dry by Twitter Inc.

Twitter tries to move mountains to allow Iranian dissidents to express themselves, but when a Chinese woman is sent to a labor camp for a three-word tweet, Twitter doesn’t seem to have much to say. Now Chinese activists are calling on the company to take up the cause of China’s first citizen to be imprisoned on the basis of a single tweet.



Breakthrough! Anti-Rape Campaign Enters the National Conversation in South Africa

With the phenomenal support of 107,053 people from 163 countries — the most popular campaign ever launched on Change.org — a tiny group of lesbian activists in South Africa just scored a major victory, taking “corrective rape” from an unspoken epidemic to a national discussion.


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